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  • Ts.Dr. Shubashini Velu

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    College of Business Administration

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    Management Information Systems

Dr. Velu is a Malaysian national, teaching in MIS Unit  in the Department of Business Administration at PMU, KSA.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the Thames Valley University in London, United Kingdom in 2000, MSc in Strategic Business Information Technology from University of Portsmouth, UK in 2005 and PhD Management from Multimedia University, Malaysia in 2019. She has over 22 years of experience in the field of teaching.She is an Associate professor in her career path. She specializes in the field of MIS, Strategic Management, Operational excellence using Power BI, Data Analytics, Smart PLS Research Methodology and Design Thinking. She has added expertise in teaching IT related subjects such as Business Intelligence, Data Mining Techniques, SAP (ERP, MM, SD, FICO) Tableau, HIVE & Oracle. She is a Certified Oracle Associate (OCA) & also holds certificate in Machine Learning in SAS and Visualization in SAS. She is a young researcher who is involved in journals, international conferences, project grants and an author of a book chapter.

Dr. Velu hopes to stimulate ideas and teaching strategies that can enrich transformation efforts to shape the future generation at the workforce in KSA.

1. Fellowship Certificate in Higher Education, AdvanceHE, UK - PR240623

2. PhD(Management), Multimedia University, Malaysia

3. Master of Science in Strategic Business Information Technology, University of Portsmouth, UK

4. BSc. In Information System, Thames Valley University

5. Oracle Certified Associate(OCA)

6.Profesional Technologist (Ts.Dr.Shubashini)

7. Certified SAS –Machine Learning with SAS 

8.Certified SAS - Visualization with SAS



Shubashini Velu1, Vinayakumar Ravi2   and  Kayalvily Tabianan3   (2023), Multi-Lexicon Classification and Valence-Based Sentiment Analysis as Features for Deep Neural Stock Price Prediction , Sci  

Ishraat Saira Wahid1 , Shubashini Velu2, (2023), Design Thinking(DT) Approach To High Performance Work System(HPWS) Within Intelligent Office Paradigm: A PATH FOR FUTURE  RESEARCH , Central European Management Journal (CEMJ) 

Shubashini Velu1,Design Thinking Approach for Increasing Innovative Action in Universities: ICT’s Mediating Effect ,Sustainability (2023) [Impact Factor 3.251, Citescore 5.0 Scopus] 

Kayalvily Tabianan1 , Shubashini Velu2, (2022), Factors Influencing Job Performance In The Maritime Sector , Central European Management Journal (CEMJ) 

Sotirios Zygiaris1*, Shubashini Velu2, Mafeed A. Alqatari3 (2022) The role of Monte Carlo Simulation in Optimizing Uncertainty: Project Management in Construction Contract, Central European Management Journal (CEMJ)    

 Shubashini Velu1, Kayalvily Tabianan2(2022), Factors That Contribute to Depression Among University Students in Malaysia During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Journal of Positive School Psychology 

Shubashini Velu1, Kayalvily Tabianan2(2022), A Study on Student Dropout Risk in Higher Education Institutions During Post-Pandemic: Mediator Model of Student Personal Characteristics, Central European Management Journal (CEMJ) 

Shubashini Rathina Velu1 , Kayalvily Tabianan2* , Meshictra Sellamuthu3(2022),A Conceptual Model on Factors Affecting Private University Students' Intention to BuyEco-Friendly Items Online , Journal of Positive School Psychology 

Shubashini Velu1, Vinayakumar Ravi2   and  Kayalvily Tabianan3   (2022), Predictive Analytics of COVID-19 Cases and Tourist Arrivals in ASEAN Based on Covid-19 Cases, . Health and Technology, HEAL-D-22-00359R1 – Springer . Shubashini Velu1, Kayalvily Tabianan2(2022), The Role of Communication Strategy Towards Improving Organizational Performance: The Mediation Effect of Commitment Behavioral Stream, Journal of Positive School Psychology 

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 Shubashini Rathina Velu*(2022), An Exploration of Employee Behavioral Impact towards Organisational Resilience: A Study among Malaysian MSC Status Companies “Journal of Positive School Psychology”   

Shubashini Velu1(2022), Delphi Technique in Digital Transformation towards Innovative Learning Readiness,Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University, ISSN: 0258-2724 

Shubashini Velu1, Vinayakumar Ravi2   and  Kayalvily Tabianan3   (2022), Data mining in predicting liver patients using classification model, Health and Technology, HEAL-D-22-00639  

 Gopinathan, S, Kaur, A, H, Raman, M, Rathinavelu, S, and Thanjappan, S.(2021)Social Media Impact on  Vaccine  Hesitancy in  Malaysia:  A  Structured  Literature  Review. Review of International Geographical Education (RIGEO),11(9),1669-1680.  Doi:  10.48047/rigeo.11.09.144 



1.  Shubashini Velu1 (2022), Delphi Technique in Digital Transformation towards Innovative Learning Readiness, PMU International Conference on Organizational Resilience, Corporate Governance, Innovative Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development During and Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis.

2.   Ng Phak Xiang J., Shubashini V., Zygiaris S., “Monte Carlo Simulation Prediction of Stock Prices”,  14th International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering (DeSE). IEEE explore. (2022), https://doi.org/10.1109/DeSE54285.2021.9719349 ((Scopus, Web of Science).

3.  Haya Al Qathani1 , Shubashini Rathina velu2 The Impact of Integrated Smartphone Parking Application on the Shopper’s Satisfaction in the             City Centre: International Conference of Undergraduate Students, ICUS 2021

                                    4.  Eman Fahad Al Haider , ShubashinRathina velu2 – An Exploration of Disaster Management Strategies using Big Data Analytics in Saudi                                                        Arabia: International Conference of Undergraduate Students, ICUS 2021








Specializes in the field of :

SAS Studio Visual Analytics(Data Management)

 Data Analytics, Business Intelligence,MIS

Strategic Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management using MonsoonSIM Gamification Software

Smart PLS , Research methodology



Organizational Resilience and the role of IS

Machine Learning 

Digital Transformation 

Fellowship Certificate in Higher Education, AdvanceHE, UK - PR240623

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) 

SAS Certificated 

Professional Technologist (awarded a title of Ts.) - Ts.Dr.Shubashini Rathina velu

Holds Train the Trainer Certificate from Malaysian HRDF Board