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  • Dr. Shubashini Rathina Velu

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    Assistant Professor

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    College of Business Administration

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    Management Information Systems

Dr. Shubashini is a Malaysian national, working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration at PMU, KSA.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the Thames Valley University in London, United Kingdom in 2000, MSc in Strategic Business Information Technology from University of Portsmouth, UK in 2005 and PhD Management from Multimedia University, Malaysia in 2019. She has over 22 years of experience in the field of teaching. She specializes in the field of MIS, Strategic Management, Operational excellence using Power BI, Data Analytics, Smart PLS Research Methodology and Design Thinking. She has added expertise in teaching IT related subjects such as Business Intelligence, Data Mining Techniques, SAP (ERP, MM, SD, FICO) Tableaus, HIVE & Oracle. She is a Certified Oracle Associate (OCA) & also holds certificate in Machine Learning in SAS and Visualization in SAS. She is a young researcher who is involved in journals, international conferences, project grants and an author of a book chapter.

Dr. Shuba hopes to stimulate ideas and teaching strategies that can enrich transformation efforts to shape the future generation at the workforce in KSA.

1. PhD(Management), Multimedia University, Malaysia

2. Master of Science in Strategic Business Information Technology, University of Portsmouth, UK

3. BSc. In Information System, Thames Valley University

4. Oracle Certified Associate(OCA)

5.Profesional Technologist (Ts.Dr.Shubashini)

6. Certified SAS –Machine Learning with SAS 

7.Certified SAS - Visualization with SAS



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 Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) is paramount to leapfrog (Malaysia) into the 21st century and to achieve Malaysia’s Vision 2020. The MSC flagship applications were launched to boost the MSC Malaysia initiatives and to create a hub for innovative producers and users of multimedia technology. With that I was lucky to be attached with Multimedia University (MMU). MMU is one of the higher education institutions and was one of the pioneer education sectors of Cyberjaya. Therefore, many research and projects were tied up with the companies in Cyberjaya and that created vast experience and knowledge when I was dealing with the expertise in the organisations around Cyberjaya.  I was a leader along with my students’ especially internship, final year projects and data collection with MSC status company. With that I have dealt with MSC status companies during the projects and this allow me to be customer oriented, versatile with wide range of experience such as analytical analysis, leader for a project in implementation of data mangement using SAS  processes improvement within the IT & Digital Service Provider. Therefore, I am not only having academic experience, but also have industrial experience which I believe that I can share my corporate experiences with my students. With this, students will be able to apply and see things beyond the classroom environment. I also have network links with international companies which I am capable to organize events like guest series speakers, workshops, mock interviews for students.

I was actively involved as Trainer for SL1M program under Cynergy, Leader in Digital Society mini fund and in conducting school and marketing activities for the faculty under National Marketing Event.

I am a distinguished guest and invited to deliver lecture on Mind Mapping Workshop in SMK Intan Perdana (Jemputan Sebagai Ceramah) & a guest speaker and invited to deliver motivation talk –SEED Workshop in SJK T Air Kuning, Tangkak


I have mixed expertise in IT and holds certification in Oracle – Oracle Certified Associate, SAS , Big data analytics in Hadoop Platform and Tableau



Specializes in the field of :

SAS Studio Visual Analytics(Data Management)

 Data Analytics, Business Intelligence


Strategic Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management using MonsoonSIM Gamification Software

Organizational Behavior,  Smart PLS  Research methodology using Delphi Technique 



Organizational Resilience

Employeee Behavior and the role of IS

Disaster Management 

Digital Transformation 

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) 

SAS Certificated 

Professional Technologist (awarded a title of Ts.) - Ts.Dr.Shubashini Rathina velu

Holds Train the Trainer Certificate from Malaysian HRDF Board