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  • Samia Awad Mohamed Hassan, Ph.D.

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    Assistant professor

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    College of Law

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    Department of Law


Dr. Samia Hassan is an assistant professor in the law department of PMU. Dr. Hassan, who  licensed to practice law in Sudan both as a judge and as lawyer, comes to PMU with over 17 years of experience in the field of educational law and practice. Prior to arriving at PMU, she was an Advocate and Commissioner for Oaths and the owner of a leading law office in Khartoum providing consultative commercial services and representing people in commercial court. In addition, she worked as an assistant professor at National Research Studies & Development Center in Sudan and Arab Open University in Khober. Dr. Samia received her Batcholor of Law degree in legal studies with English Common Law as major from the University of Khartoum  and her doctoral  degree and master’s degree from the same university.She has a certificate in human rights law from the University of Strasbourg. Her research interests include commercial law and international litigation and arbitration international law, intellectual property, labor law, human right. Currently, she is a member of various Saudi national organizations and the head of the Sudanese Women’s Association in Khobar. Beyond the academia, Dr. Samia is a member of  many editorial boards .She is associate editor, Editorial & Reviewer’s Board Member –Scholar International Journal of Law Crime and Justice(SIJLCJ)ISSN:2616, Editorial & Reviewer’s Board Member –ATINER,JADHUR Journal of Advances in Humanities Research  and member of High Advisory Committee for Irid Platform. She is also coach of the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Team in the SCCA Arabic Arbitration Moot, Riyad, and 02 May 2020. The team reached the semifinal of the best four team from the total 39 teams and Coash of the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Team in the 27th Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Vienna, and 02 May 2020. She also coash GCC Arabic Moot court. The team reached the semifinal of the best four team from the total 54 teams. They win the best-written memorandum and the best oral pleading. She is responsible for all students’ activities, she develpoed the project Law Fair to improve students perormance and interaction to commuity since 2012. She recommended and instituted the Law Club with the first graduate students since 2013 with a vision aiming at empowering and preparing law graduates to act as effective leaders in their communities and to disseminate the awareness of law culture amongst the law students.










  • 2005 – 2008 PhD. Law: University of Khartoum Sudan Focus Area: Intellectual property & Trips Agreement.
  • 1991 – 1993 MD.  Law: general with English common    law as major: University of Khartoum Sudan Focus Area: Intellectual Property  & labor Law .
  • 1984 – 1988 BA. Law: Honor-second class- University of Khartoum Sudan Focus Area: Legal Studies in Sudan, England & USA.



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  • The Impact of Human Recourses Practice on SME’s Sustainability, Productivity Management Journal 11/2020.



  • Psychological Happiness and its Relationship to the Self-concept among the Students of the Faculty of Law, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy



  • “The Influence of the Language of Clothing on the Personality of the Individual and its Relation to Some Demographic Variables”, Journal of Critical Review, volume: 7 / 2020, issue 4.   



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  •   “An Exploratory Non-Experimental Design of Self-Assessment Practice”, The International Journal of Assessment and Evaluation, volume: 26, 26 / 2019, issue one.   



  • “The Compliance of National Legislation with the Trips Agreement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, Humanities and Social Sciences Review ,12/ 2018   


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  • “The Accuse Rights under Sudanese Laws Compared with International Standard”, Sudanese Law Review (published 1998)




  • Wasta and Corruption: Explorations beyond Social Networks and International Connections: The Case of Sudan
  • Limitation on the Methods of Warfare: A Brief Study under International Humanitarian Law, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performances




Papers Presented


  • International conference on social Sciences and Humanities, Manama, Bahrain, September, 28-29,2019.” Dealings with Rights in Copyright in Saudi Arabia and other Legal Systems: Assignment”.




  • Eurasia Research International Conference, The Regency Scholar’s Hotel, University Teknologi (UTM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 2019. “Law Students’ Memories of a Crime Scene: Does the Practice of Memorization and Recitation Matter?



  • The USA Conference at Harvard Medical School, International Conference for Academic disciplines, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, Massachusetts, May 21-25, 2018. The Compliance of National Legislation with the Trips Agreement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.




  • American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines McGill University, Montreal Ryerson University, Toronto, 30 May to 8 June, 2018. “Theory of Patent: Highlights in Historical Development and Current State”.



  • International Conference on Language Learning, January 27th, 2015, at World Academy of Science   Engineering and Technology at   Istanbul, Turkey, “Creating Positive Learning Environment”.
  • Women-and-technology session and Human Rights of women in the International Women’s Trade Fair held in Toronto, Canada, from June 17th -June23rd, 2012, organized by Salon International de la Femme (SIFEM, 2012).” Women Rights Compared with International Standard”.
  • Annual International Conference (Law and justice), Faculty of Law/ University of Leiden / The Netherlands, 2011.” The accused Rights Compared with International Standard".








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  • 2012-Present                                          Assistant Professor

                                                                    Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) -KSA

                                                                    LAW Department

  • 2009-2010                                               Assistant Professor

                                                                Arab Open University (AOU),   Saudi Arabia

  • 2008-2009                                 Assistant Professor

                                                                 National Research Studies  & Development Center  (Sudan

  • 1995-1996                                 Judge at Kassala district in Sudan


  • 1995-2008                                       Lecturer 

                                                                     National Research Studies & Development Center (Sudan


  • Nov. 30, 1992 – Apr. 15, 1998                  Advocate & Commissioner of Oaths


                                                                                     Private Law Firm (Sudan)



  • 1989 – 1992                           Trainee in Law

                                                          Private Law Firm of Ustaz Abd El Mahmoud Haj Salih (Sudan)






Legal Writing,Legal Procedures & Method of Proof ,Rules of Jurisprudence,Legal Research Method,Internal Legal Practice,External Legal Practice,Financial Transaction 1,Financial Transaction 11 ,Introduction to Jurisprudence, Source of Legal Law & Forensic Evidence,Family Law,Arbitration &Legal Profession  ,Arabic Islmaic Studies Allis 1211,Arabic Islmic Studies Allis 1212,Arabic Islmaic Studies Allis 2211,Arabic Islamic Studies Allis 2212,Islamic Studies Allis 2211(English),Islamic Studies Allis 1211 (English),Islamic Studies Allis 1212 (English),commercial law, Criminal Law,Labour Law,Constitutional Law,Commercial Papers Bankrptucy,Banking & Insurance,Company law,Political Provision,Zakat & Taxation,Investgation of Governance & Evidence,Wills & Inherihance,Constitutional Law,Commercial Papers & Bankrptucy, ,Company law, Disputes Settlement (Arbitration & Concilliation,company law,History & Civilization of Saudi Arabia,Self learning skills,Administrative Law,Intellectual Property Law, Comparative Law,Human Rights







My research interests include: international law, intellectual property, labor law, human rights, commercial law and international litigation and arbitration.




  • Member of Sudanese Bar Association.
  • Head of the Sudanese Women Association, KSA (Saudi Arabia-Eastern Province), May, 2008 to present.
  • Member of Sudanese Maternity & Care for Children.
  • General Secretary of Sudanese Legal Aid, Saudi Arabia (website).
  • Member of Eastern Chamber-Business Women Reading Group.
  • Member of Sudanese Legal Aid Office, Sudan, where I advised poor people freely.
  • Member of Saudi Red Crescent Authority.
  • Member of Saudi Wood Organization.
  • Member of Ford Foundation.
  • Member of Human Rights Group, Strasbourg, France.
  • Member of Toastmasters International Club.
  • Member in Tarabot Organization for Patients’ Care in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.