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  • Syed Muhammad Hasnain, Ph.D

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    Assistant Professor

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    College of Sciences and Human Studies

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    Mathematics & Natural Sciences

Dr. Syed Hasnain is working as Assistant Professor (Physics) of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in the Core Curriculum Program at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU). He graduated from Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre (QMNC), Griffith University, Australia with a Ph.D in Physics.

He is engaged in teaching and research and cross departmental collaborations in both physics and materials engineering. He is committed to excellence in working in the academia as well as in the industry.


MS, M.Phill, Ph.D

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  • M. Amin Mir, Kim Andrews, Syed M Hasnain, Determination of Metals, Fungi and Mycotoxins in Cat Meal Samples used in Saudi Arabia, Biomed Pharmacol J, 16, 3 (2023).
  • Rehan Ashraf, and Syed M. Hasnain, TumorDetNet: A Unified Deep Learning Model for Brain Tumor Detection and Classification, PLOS ONE, 18(9) e0291200 (2023).
  • Modelling and Numerical Simulations of Eco-Friendly Double Absorber Solar Cell “Spiro-OmeTAD/CIGS/MASnI3/CdS/ZnO” and its PV-Module, Owais Ahmad, Irfan Qasim, Syed M. Hasnain, Muhammad Farooq Nasir, Organic Electronics, 117, 106781 (2023).
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  • M. Amin Mir, Farah Manzer Manhas, Kim Andrews, Syed M Hasnain, Molecular Docking and Drug likeness Studies of a Potent Anti-oxidant, Anti-malaria and Anti-Inflammatory medicine: Pyrogallol, Results in Chemistry, 5, 100763 (2023).
  • Shama Sehar, Tabassum Rasool, Salwa Al-Thawadi, Hasnain M. Syed, Recent Advances in Biodecolorization and Biodegradation of Environmental Threatening Textile Finishing Dyes, 3 Biotech, 12, 186 (2022).
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His research area is two-dimensional materials with focus on the electronic properties of two-dimensional or atomically thin materials that form a new class of matter "topological materials", and other two-dimensional semiconductors, metals, superconductors, and solar cells.