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  • Maythem Naji Mahmud, Ph.D.

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    Assistant Professor

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    College of Sciences and Human Studies

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    Mathematics & Natural Sciences

I am highly qualified Chemical Engineering, I have achieved PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Nottingham (March-2011) and MSc in Environmental Engineering from University of Manchester (October-1998). Also I have got BSc with Honor in Chemical Engineering from Saddam University (July-1994). • 2006 University of Nottingham-Health and Safety Regulations
2005 Broxtowe College-IT course in training group.
2000-2001 Best Ltd (Training Company)-NVQ2 in IT and IBT2

PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Nottingham, 2011. The title of the thesis : Energy Utilization into Value Added Product.
MSc in Environmental Engineering, University of Manchester, 1998. The title of the thesis: A review of the performance of settling tanks and some preliminary experiments.
BSc (Hon.) in Chemical Engineering, University of Saddam, 1994. The title of the thesis: A recovery of Magnesia from Dolomite.


List of significant Publications


  • Impact of Relativity on The Theoretical Limit for The Periodic System of Elements Beyond Uranium. Talal M Al-Ameen, Imad M Muhi and Maythem M Mahmud, International Applied Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation Conference (AMMS 2022) June 17-19, 2022 | Paris, France, (Scopus),
  • To what extent does the blending of digital learning video clips improve learning process in mathematics, physics and chemistry? Talal M Al-Ameen, Imad M Muhi and Maythem M Mahmud, SOCIOINT 2022- 9th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EDUCATION & EDUCATION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES ,13-14 June, 2022, (ISI ). https://doi.org/10.46529/socioint.202227
  • Estimation of Metal Ions in Various Soil Samples in Relation to Crop Production (Wheat, Mustard, Barley) at Different Region of Dehradun India M. Amin Mir, Muhammad Waqar Ashraf, MMS Jassal, and Maythem Mahmud, 2021. 
  • Formulation Design and Evaluation of Solid Lipid Micro-particles of Curcumin for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. M. Amin Mir1 , Maythem Mahmud2. (International Journal of R. in Pharma. Sciences); 2020. (Scopus).
  • Water desalination in Arab gulf with applying energy saving, University of Cambridge, July 2012.
  • Applications for High Carbon Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA), International Conference on Coal Science and Technology, 2007.
  • Utilisation of Coal Combustion by-Products, WARMNET conference held at Jubilee Campus-University of Nottingham on 5th of July 2007.
  • Impact of Increasing Use of Alternative Fuels on Emissions and Marketability of Combustion by-Products, the Future Energy: Chemical Solutions in September 2007.
  • Utilisation of Pulverised Fuel Ash Derived from Imported Coals into Value Added Products, the 7th European Conference on Coal Research and its Applications, 2009.
  • Characterisation of pulverised fuel ash derived from co-firing biomass and their utilisation for value added products, International conference on coal ash and an oral presentation was given at this World Coal Ash conference. The World of Coal Ash, Science, Applications, and Sustainability, May 4-7 2009, Lexington, Kentucky. Organised by the American Coal Ash Association and the University of Kentucky Centre for Applied Energy Research, 2009.
  • Mahmud, M., Maroto-Valer, M.M., and Brandwood, R. (2010). “Utilisation high carbon pulverised fuel ash”. The Coal Research Forum, 21st Annual Meeting of The Combustion and Environmental Divisions. Ratcliffe-On-Soar, Nottinghamshire, 14th April 2010.


Conferences attended in related to the projected as they listed below:


  • UKERC Sumer School (Energy Solutions), 3rd-7th July 2006.
  • Sustainability CO2ncrete solutions on ground granulated blast furnace slag cement. University of Edinburgh, 2006.
  • DEFRA workshop on how alternative mineral resources can be incorporated into construction products. 20th April 2007, Derby.
  • We don’t just want you to think about cutting CO2 emissions. We want you to help us achieve our targets, 3rd May 2007, University of Nottingham.

Membership in Professional Associations
RSC-Member: Royal Society of Chemistry Journal.
ACAA-Member: American Coal Ash Association Journal.

  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Chemistry for Engineering
  • Chemistry lab for above courses
  • Introductory Algebra
  • Intermediate Algebra

My main interests stems from my work at the University of Nottingham with a group of researchers covering different areas in relation to energy utilization and CO2 and mercury emissions reduction. This was led by Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer, chair of CO2 capture and storage group, and we collabrated with E-ON Engineering energy utility company in the UK. In addition, I am working with two Mathematics professors on the periodic system of elements beyond Uranium and the kinetic energy equation in terms of compairng with their reactions in different fields.