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  • Maryam Salman Bojulaia

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    College of Sciences and Human Studies

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    Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Maryam is a Saudi national who speaks Arabic and English. She is working as an assistant professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Core Curriculum Program at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University.

She received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from King Faisal University in 2012, a Master of Science Education in 2017, a Master of Educational and Instructional Technology in 2018, and recently her Ph.D. in Science Education, in 2022, from Western Michigan University in the USA, MI.

Dr. Maryam has experience in teaching undergraduate science courses in US classrooms, and research and curriculum development for the graduate level. She has also worked in designing activities for a learner-centered approach and guiding college students in implementing instruction.

Her main research interest includes enhancing twenty-one-century skills, particularly creativity, and innovation. She has developed a model of creative pedagogy in the Saudi Arabian K-12 education system in different learning contexts through a qualitative methodology. Dr. Maryam participated in several conferences and published her research in a peer-reviewed journal.

Dr. Maryam hopes to create a positive environment that allows students to demonstrate their potential through meaningful experiences. The main aims of her teaching philosophy are to value learners' ideas, respect their interests and differences, and provide opportunities for them to develop 21st century skills, ownership of learning, and lifelong learning habits, which align with PMU's values and fulfill the Saudi Vision 2030.