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  • Kim Andrews

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    Assistant Professor

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    College of Sciences and Human Studies

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    Mathematics & Natural Sciences

Dr. Kim Andrews holds a PhD in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) from Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana, USA, (December 2007). A MSc. in Chemistry (Gas Phase Organic Chemistry) from University of Tennessee in Knoxville Tennessee, USA (May 1996) and a BSc. in Chemistry from Mercer University in Macon Georgia, USA (May 1993).   Her PhD graduate studies from Purdue were focused on Organo-Metallic Chemistry with emphasis in asymmetrical porphyrin synthesis and their ability to intercalate into DNA as potential photodynamic therapeutic agents. After completing her PhD graduate studies, she worked for a fortune 500 chemical company which lead to filing and obtaining European and American patent applications. Her work led to leading high profile scientific projects in Germany where she worked and lived during her assignments.  In addition to the fore mentioned experience Dr. Kim has also worked as a senior site manufacturing chemist and she later took on a leadership role for another specialty chemical company as a principal scientist to help expand the company product portfolio. Upon receiving her MSc. in Chemistry, she worked for a fortune 500 pharmaceutical company where she served as a process product improvement specialist and technical service product lead specialist in manufacturing. Moreover, her work experience also includes working at a national laboratory where she supported the treatment of radioactive waste water as a contributing team member. 

Dr. Kim’s research interest include Porphyrin synthesis and intercalation into B form DNA for medicinal applications, Identifying and generating substrates for encapsulation chemistry, Waste water treatment using chromatography, Commercial biomedical and industrial coatings applications.

At PMU she teaches Introductory Chemistry and Chemistry for Engineers I.


  • Walden University Minneapolis, MN              August 2015
    Masters of Health Care Administration/Management (MHA) 2015
  • Purdue University Lafayette, IN        December 2007
    Doctorate of Philosophy-Organic Chemistry (PhD) 2017
    Thesis Title: Metallated and non Metallated Tri-cationic Porphyrin Synthesis: Structure and DNA Intercalation, Advisor: David McMillin
  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville, TN                                                                               May 1996
    Masters of Science-Chemistry (MSc) 1996
    Thesis Title: Dissociative Attachment of Ions Using Ion Cyclotron Resonance, Advisor: John Bartmass
  • Mercer University Macon, GA                                                                                             May 1993
    Bachelors of Science-Chemistry (BSc) 1993



Publications and Reports


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  • 2020 publications:
  • Ahmed, F., Andrews, K., Arshad, D., Nekuri, P. (2020), A New FDA-approved Antibiotic for Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Treatment. Journal of the college of physicians and surgeons Pakistan. 30(6), 359-360.
  • Ahmed, F., Andrews, K., Thompson, A., Potla, S., Nwokorie, U., Bassey, O,G.,………Nya, E. (2020), Antibiotics Crisis: Preserve a Worldwide Treasure. EC Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine, 3, 1-7.
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  • Ahmed, F., Thompson, A., Andrews, K., Nekuria, P.m Gupta, I., Chellapuram, N……..Vachaparambil, C. (2020). Increasing Chronic Cannabis Use and Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Witnessed in Pediatric Population: A Case Report and Literature Review.  EC Paediatrics 9.4, 103-107.

Posters and Presentations


  • Andrews, K.A. Jefferies, J and Plaumann, H. Aseptrol® Water Vapor Impermeable Coatings, A Novel Approach, BASF-SE Innovation Meeting, Heidelberg, Germany 2008             2008
  • Andrews, K.A. and McMillin, D.R. TriCationic Porphyrins: Synthesis Structure and Interaction                                          with DNA, ACS National Meeting (Presentation), Atlanta, Georgia 20016                 2006
  • Andrews, K.A. and McMillin, D.R. TriCationic Porphyrins: Synthesis Structure and Interaction                                         with DNA, ACS National Meeting (Presentation), San Diego,                                                                           California and Anaheim California 2004                                                                        2004


Porphyrin synthesis and intercalation into B form DNA, Encapsulation chemistry, Waste water treatment using chromatography, Commercial biomedical and industrial coatings applications.



  • PHI LAMBDA UPSILON (Honorary Chemical Society) 2001- present               2001- present
  • WISP (Women in Science) Chemistry Department Executive Representative 2006- 2006
  • Iota Sigma Pi (Chemistry Honor Society) Out Reach Coordinator 2005                                
  • 2005NOBCChe (National Society of Black Chemist and Chemical Engineers) Parliamentarian 2005-2005 Historian 2004
  • American Chemical Society 2004