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  • Ghadeer Kayal, Ph.D.

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    Dean of Quality and Accreditation

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    College of Business Administration

    Deanship of Quality & Accreditation

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    Business Administration

    Quality & Accreditation

An artist at heart, a passionate researcher and academic with substantial experience in teaching marketing and management courses. I have published and submitted research papers in the Association of Business Schools (ABS) listed journals. In addition, I have been committed to improve my skills and knowledge in the dynamic field of marketing by getting certified as a Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP). 

[1] Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (2014 - 2017) on the topic “Different shades of guilt: A new insight into consumer behaviour” from Swansea University, United Kingdom Award Date: Feb 2018

[2] Master of Science in Marketing Management (MSC) (2011) from the University of Kent, United Kingdom

[3] English Language – Pre Master Level (2009) from INTO Scotland English Institute – Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom

[4] Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Islamic Art Honors) (2007) from King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia

1Kayal et. al (2021) Evaluating the Impact of Verified Government Accounts on the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Intentions of Saudi Residents During the COVID-19 Pandemic. International Journal of Electronic Government Research.

2.Sekhar, C., Krishna, S., Kayal, G. G., & Rana, N. P. (2021). Does brand credibility matter? The case of organic food products. British Food Journal.

3. Kayal GG, Rana NP and Simintiras AC. (2018). Consumer Guilt Review: A Practical 

Guide for Researchers. The Marketing Review 18(2), 201-224 

4. Kayal GG, Simintiras AC and Rana NP. (2017) Investigating gender differences in 

consumers’ experience of guilt: A comparative study. Journal of Retailing and 

Consumer Services 39: 71-78 [Ranking: ABS-2*]. 


Research Paper Presented/Planned at National and International Conferences 

1. An abstract titled "The effectiveness of guilt related strategies in regulating 

consumers’ online behaviour” was submitted and presented at the Second Marketing 

Conference (2019), RiyadhSA 

2. A paper titled " Reassessing the influence of dis-positional guilt in the context of 

consumer behavior” was accepted and presented as a competitive paper in the 

Academy of Marketing Conference (2019), Regent’s University, UK 


3. An abstract titled "The role of marketers in influencing consumer behavior: The case 

of women drivers " was submitted and presented at the First Marketing Conference 

(2018), RiyadhSA 

4. A paper titled “Identifying common patterns of consumer guilt across cultures" was 

presented at the PGR conference (2017) held at Swansea University, UK 

5. A paper titled ‘Different shades of guilt: A new insight into consumer behaviour’ was 

presented at the Doctoral Colloquium of the Academy of Marketing Conference 

(2016) held at Northumbria University, UK 

6. A paper titled " When guilt and involvement coalesces: A new insight into consumer 

behavior" was presented at the PGR conference (2015) held at Swansea University, 


Digital Marketing - Strategic Marketing Management (MSC/BA) - Advertising and Sales Promotions - Consumer Behaviour (MSC/BA) - Business Policies - Global Marketing (MSC) - Marketing Research - Principles of Marketing - International Business - Business Communication - Communication Skills - English Language - Co-op Training – ecommerce – Principles of Management - Strategic Management