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  • Beshaier Mohammed M Alqahtani, Phd.

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    Assistant Professor

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    College of Sciences and Human Studies

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    Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Beshaier Mohammed Alqahtani, obtained both her Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Literature and Criticism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She completed her Master's degree in 2015 and her Ph.D. in 2020. Throughout her career, she has held positions at various academic institutions, including Imam Mohammed bin Saudi Islamic College, Alasalah Colleges, and King Fahd for Petrochemicals and Minerals University. In 2021, she became a vice-dean of quality affairs at Al-Asala Colleges. <span lang="en-GB" xml:lang="en-GB">Then, she started her job in Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University where she taught courses and held many academic committee.</span> Dr. Alqahtani's previous research interests centered around women's studies, African American literature, and social change. However, her current focus lies in social studies, social change, and cultural studies.


  • Alqahtani, Beshaier M. “Conceptualizing the Muslim Body and the Black Body in Diana Abu Jabar’s Arabian Jazz and Ta-Nehisi’s Coates’ Between the World and Me.” Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies R&D, vol. 4, no. 3, Feb. 2019.https://www.jsrd-humanities.com/volume-4 
  • Alqahtani, Beshaier M. “I wanted to be someplace where I could be my black, female, sexual, HIV-positive self:” “The Sexuality of Black Womanhood in What Looks Like Crazy on Ordinary Day." Canadian International Journal of Social Science and Education, vol.7, no. 1, June 2016. pp. 230-237. https://www.cijse.org/_files/ugd/b2629b_56836a5406224428a33962572505a0c2.pdf 
  • Alqahtani, Beshaier M. "When the Norm Gets Abnormal." Journal of International Women's Newsletters, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, issue 1, Spring 2021. pp. 2-2.
  • “The Shaping of Black Women in the Literature of Civil Rights Movement: Melba Pattillo Beals’s Warriors Don’t Cry" published as a conference paper in Interdisciplinary Conferences on Education, Leadership, Humanities and Sciences in May 2016. 


  • 2014 English Graduate Organization (EGO)- Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  • 2014 EAPSU Popular Culture Conference- Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  • 2014 Graduate Scholars Forum, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  • 2016 English Graduate Organization (EGO)- Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  • 2016 Interdisciplinary Conferences on Education, Leadership, Humanities and Sciences.
  • 2023 International Conference on Research in Education and Science, in Turkey.