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  • Sheila L. Lindsey

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    College of Sciences and Human Studies

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    Humanities & Social Sciences

Ms. Lindsey began her academic career with a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion from Niagara College in Ontario, Canada (her home country) in 2005. From there she went on to study at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, USA, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in 2006. This led to a deeper interest in the effects of exercise on the human body, and she transitioned to the West Virginia University’s School of Medicine, where she proceeded to earn a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology in 2008 (West Virginia, USA). Her Master’s includes a dual concentration in High Performance Sport and Clinical Populations
Her teaching and professional experience includes 15 years as a coach and trainer for athletes of all levels, ranging from beginners to high performance. Much of this was concurrent with 10 years of program development and management for athletic teams and clubs, particularly in the sport of rowing. Both as a coach and as a program developer, she was able to lead numerous teams to exceed previous levels of performance and win multiple championships and titles both nationally and internationally.
During this time, Ms. Lindsey also gained 10 years of professional experience working with clinical populations who presented with a wide range of chronic diseases including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes; through serving her clientele, she was able to gain firsthand experience the effects of exercise on these and other ongoing health issues. Observing industry application gaps, she was prompted to begin a tutoring business designed to help students practically apply the theoretical, enhancing the quality of their education while better equipping them for the workforce.
Along with tutoring, over the span of her career, she presented workshops at coaching conferences, invested four years teaching postsecondary courses in Biomechanics, Resistance Training Methods, Anatomy & Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Science of Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Program Design for Special Populations,and Lab Practices. She first instructed at West Virginia University and then, most recently, at Niagara College in Ontario, Canada.

Her research interests include kinesiology, spine health, physical activity barriers with respect to pre-contemplative populations, and diabetes

  • Coaches Association of Canada
  • Coaches Association of Ontario
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association