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  • Dr Susana Fernandez Blanco

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    Assistant Professor

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    College of Architecture and Design

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    Graphic Design

Dr. Susana F. Blanco is a Spanish artist with over eighteen years of experience teaching Art and Design. Dr Blanco has been a Senior Lecturer at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University since 2018. Throughout her career at PMU, she has been privileged to teach various courses related to Graphic and Interior Design.

Dr. Susana F. Blanco is a visual artist, graphic designer, and interior designer with a solid academic and professional background. Proficient in diverse educational settings, capable of showcasing a wide range of additional skills, including organisation and administration.

Worked in Spain, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, collaborating with multidisciplinary school teams and thriving in diverse professional environments.



  • PhD in Fine Arts with International Mention (Cum Laude)
    Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
    Thesis Title: “Beeswax as a Material for Artistic Expression and its Applications from the 20th Century to the Present”
  • Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art
    European University of Madrid, Spain
  • BA (Hons) Degree in Art & Design
    Anglia Ruskin University, Colchester, United Kingdom (formerly Anglia Polytechnic University)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Specialization in Design
    Complutense University of Madrid, Spain



Most Relevant Courses:

  • Master’s in AI and Innovation
  • Branding 4.0: Innovate and Reinvent on Social Media
  • Creating Digital Resources: Instagram, YouTube, and Podcasts
  • Adobe Express: Digital Content Creation
  • eLearning Course Facilitator
  • Presentations with Prezi and Genially
  • Encaustic Wax Art
  • European Project Management
  • Business Creation Seminar
  • Computer-Aided Design Specialist




  • Encaustic with Pigments from Saudi Arabia: Artistic Proposal Using Sustainable Local Materials for Encaustic Painting
    Journal: Marmara Üniversitesi Sanat ve Tasarım Dergisi, Turkey. ISSN: 2980-2822
    Vol. 14 / No. 1 / June 2023. Pages: 38-56
  • Pigments from the Saudi Eastern Province. Artistic proposal using local pigments
    Journal: Tsantsa, Universidad Cuenca, Ecuador. E-ISSN: 1390-8448
    Number 13-2022. Pages: 345-353


  • I International Conference in Art & Recycling
    Published by: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
    Proceedings. ISBN: 978-84-09-26183-3
  • International Congress on Wax Modeling
    Published by: Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Proceedings in European Journal of Anatomy. ISSN: 2340-311X (Online). Page 254.
  • Killing Narcissus
    Exhibition Catalog. Galería Off Limits, Madrid, Spain
    Published by: Ed. Universidad Europea de Madrid. ISBN: 978-84-95433-43-5


- International Encaustic Artists. Joined 2020

- Encaustic Art Institute. Joined 2020

- SketchCrawl.com - Urban Sketchers. Joined 2019

- Member of Artgallery.co.uk. Joined 2016.

- Member of Art Bridge UK. Joined 2016.

- Member of Art Finder. UK. Joined 2014.

- Asociación de Artistas de Cercedilla. Madrid. Joined 2013.

- Friends of the Prado Museum. Madrid. Joined 2010

- Member of Saatchi Art Gallery. Joined 2006.

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Dr. Susana F. Blanco's distinguished career has spanned across multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. Her professional journey began with an art residency in the United States, collaborating with renowned artist Michael David at Truro Center, Castle Hill for the Arts. In Saudi Arabia, Dr. Blanco conducted private art workshops and ardently promoted encaustic art through the platform lovebeeswax.com. Her commitment to the arts extended to organizing Sketch Crawls and contributing voluntary work to the Association of Craftsmen and Artists of Cercedilla in Spain. Alongside her teaching role at the Meeting Paint Academy in Madrid, she managed an artistic website, susanafblanco.com, and effectively utilized social media channels for art promotion.
Dr. Blanco's international experience further expanded as an independent artist, recognized as PopArtPaint, showcasing her artwork not only in the United Kingdom but also at various craft fairs in Spain. Her artistic portfolio boasts remarkable achievements, including crafting the Stage 20 Trophy for the 'Vuelta a España' Cycling Race, designing typography, and collaborating on concrete sculptures. She also created commissioned Pop Art-style portraits and even ventured into designing a portable tourist photographic stand. Dr. Blanco's multifaceted career journey encompasses invaluable experiences gained during her internship at Hecho en Padilla, S.L. Workshop in Madrid, where she contributed to decorative painting and sculpture projects.


2016/18                DAVID BLANCO ASSOCIATES LTD. LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. Head of Graphic and Interior Design

2010/16                DECOSIERRA. CERCEDILLA, MADRID. Collaborating Partner and Designer

2013/14                ADF CONSULTANTS PTE. LTD. SINGAPORE. Graphic Design and Corporate Image Consultant

2005/06                PEDRO PEÑA DECORACIÓN, S.L. MARBELLA, MALAGA. Interior Designer

2004/05                GRUPO DIVATTO, S.L. MARBELLA, MALAGA. Director of the Interior Design Department

2004/05                SILCA INGENIERIA, S.L. MADRID. Design Consultant

2003/05                ARTEHAUS PROYECTOS, S. L. MADRID. Collaborating Partner

2001/03                ARUAS POULTRY E. & QUICKFENCE S. A. GROUP. MADRID. Director of Image and Advertising

1997/99                HECHO EN PADILLA, S. L. MADRID. Decorative Painter

1994/98                METHA ARQUITECTURA. MADRID. Graphic and Interior Designer


- Portfolio Development (GDES)

- Information Design (GDES)

- Brand Identity (GDES)

- Two-dimensional design (GDES)

- Three-dimensional Design (GDES)

- Drawing (GDES)

- Digital Imaging (GDES)

- Typography I (GDES)

- Typography II (GDES)

- Art Appreciation (GDES)

- Freehand drawing and sketching (IDES)

- Interior Lighting (IDES)

- Materials for interior design (IDES)

- History of Furniture, Dec., and Int. D. II (IDES)



My academic interests are focused on two areas that share many things in common:  Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

After finishing the research for my doctoral thesis on the use of beeswax in the Fine Arts, I became interested in the question of sustainability regarding the different materials and media used by artists and whether their workspaces are safe for the environment and for the artists themselves.

In the last few years, there has been a tendency to revive ancient agricultural and livestock techniques to achieve a more ecological and sustainable environment. I believe that artists should be an example of sustainability and that further research should be undertaken regarding the materials and supplies artists use.

After my experience working as an artist in Saudi Arabia, a country that lacks many natural resources and imports most products, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, I had severe difficulties accessing the materials I needed. It was then that I realised the great necessity of researching the resources available in every country. I contacted many artists who shared my concerns, and we founded a research group of artists to see what supplies might be found within Saudi Arabia. We are currently concentrating on finding native pigments in the Abha region. I want to encourage more chemistry, biology and art supplies experts to join us and expand our search to other Middle Eastern countries.

I am a firm believer in the possibility of finding ways to use more sustainable materials in art. Most artists are concerned about the environment but don´t have the necessary information to work more closely with their surroundings. This is where my development as a graphic artist comes into play.

I have been training to find ways to clarify and improve the dissemination of all the information I have seen so that I can share it with my students and anyone else interested in my research projects. Virtual collaboration, research into new technologies and techniques, and developing my artistic voice are the best ways I have found to transmit this knowledge. I believe it is more important to share acquired knowledge to affect some degree of change in our world than to restrict this information to a small group of experts.

I constantly work to bring my students professional and real-life experience. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have found numerous new varieties of virtual communication, many of which have proven more efficient than other interpersonal communication, although I still prefer the latter. I always search for innovative teaching techniques to help my students become highly qualified artists and designers. At the same time, this makes me a more valuable teacher and a guaranteed source of worthwhile training for my students.

My recent studies focus on gaining knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in education and art. I am also acquiring knowledge about 3D printing, as sculpture is another specialisation that greatly interests me.

As regards my statement of creative interest as an artist, after many years of exploring various painting techniques, I am currently concentrating on the encaustic technique, which uses beeswax. It is one of the oldest techniques but is unknown to most people. I love researching and experimenting with painting techniques. I next intend to deepen my knowledge of egg tempera, a sustainable and readily available material. My paintings use bright, vibrant colours. As a nature lover, I delight in playing with organic imagery that relates to my feelings and experiences, with contrasts and almost baroque movements.

I believe it is important to paint with intention, but I'm not eager to overthink the painting process. I prefer to trust my feelings and use a more visceral or intuitive approach rather than a more deliberate one. My work is based on sensations. I seek a synthesis of texture and form, a visual synthesis. I am passionate about observing, loving living, and keeping hold of the emotions awakened by what I have watched and loved. It becomes a memory of nature, based not on reason or narrative but on expressive memory and sensorial dramaturgy.

I greatly respect drawing for its capacity to create space and the fact that every artist has a recognisable, individual drawing gesture and style.

My painting falls between a representation of reality and the pure construction of volumes. Heavy, rounded, rough or smooth stones possess almost tactile qualities. Seas and skies are rarely straightforward and blue; when they are, they look like they have been painted with impossible colours. They are consistently imbued with some sense of melancholy or threat. The sea is anxious and wild but always in repose. Within its immense, contained energy, anything can happen.

I paint from necessity, from a desire to communicate. My greatest need for expression is to search for the most profound possible communication. When I discover something that interests me, I love to share it – how could I be so selfish as to keep it for myself alone? This is perhaps one of my strongest motivations for teaching.

I have an incredible appetite for learning. Working and researching in a university setting has been even more enriching because of the opportunity to connect and collaborate with experts from other fields of knowledge.


- International Encaustic Artists. Joined 2020

- Encaustic Art Institute. Joined 2020

- Member of Artgallery.co.uk. Joined 2016.

- Member of Art Bridge UK. Joined 2016.

- Member of Art Finder. UK. Joined 2014.

- Asociación de Artistas de Cercedilla. Madrid. Joined 2013.

- Member of Saatchi Art Gallery. Joined 2006.