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  • Susana Fernandez Blanco

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    College of Engineering

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    Interior Design

My academic career started at Complutense University of Madrid in 1999 where I finished a five year Degree in Fine Arts. I continued with further studies for a full year in Art and Design at the Colchester Institute, UK where I gained another Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2000.

The experience with the educational system in Colchester was very positive and constructive. I found it personally inspirational for the use of design in professional life. Both teachers and students were very supportive for new work initiatives done during the course.

When I returned to Spain I started working for different companies in both Interior and Graphic Design. In 2005 I established a studio in Marbella, Spain for the purpose of teaching Fine Arts to Spanish and English speaking students due to the high number of foreigners living in the area.

I managed the studio for five years. It was a dual experience which enabled me to training and learning from them as I learn new ways to see art from very different eyes and cultural perspectives.

After many years in Marbella, I began to feel the need for further studies and to grow professionally as an artist. Therefore, in 2010 I moved back to Madrid to complete a Master Degree in Contemporary Art at European University of Madrid with the intention to start my PhD in Fine Arts.

In 2013 I began my PhD at the Complutense University of Madrid and last year changed this to an International PhD due the subject I am currently researching, that I hope to complete next year. I am exploring the use of the Encaustic technique and the possibilities of expression in different art disciplines.

During that time I was also involved with an artist’s association in Cercedilla, Madrid, that needed help with the day to day running of the organisation, in particular with the teaching Arts and Design. The place was very run down but with my help (alongside other colleagues), we created a nice space in the town for residents to learn and enjoy arts. This was a huge contribution to the neighbourhood.

I decided to continue with my International PhD which required me to spend at least three months in another country, so I moved to London. After the first few months I realised that being in London, would provide more professional and personal opportunities to expand my career as an artist and a teacher. 

Oral Communication entitled "Madame Tussaud: A Legend in Wax" at International Congress on Wax Modeling in June 2017.

Art and Design

Asociacion de Artesanos y Artistas de Cercedilla (Artist’s association in Cercedilla, Madrid)