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  • Roxane Mallouhy

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    Lab Instructor

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    College of Computer Engineering and Science

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    Information Technology

I am a faculty at Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University in the College of Computer Engineering and Science since 2016. Currently, I am working on a PhD from Femto-st (research institute in Besançon, France) in the research area Artificial Intelligence specifically Time Series Forecasting. Moreover, I received my engineering degree in Telecommunications and Networks from Antonin University in Lebanon in 2015, in parallel with my Master's degree, in Mobile and Distributed Computing from Franche-Comté University in France.


  • Masters 2 in Mobile and Distributed Computing From Université de Franche Comté (FRANCE).
  • Engineering diploma in telecommunications and networking from Antonin University (LEBANON)



  • 2019 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management (ICT‑DM), Paris‑France, 18‑20 Dec. 2019: Major earthquake event prediction using various machine learning algorithms
  • The 35th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA‑2021), Toronto, CANADA: Major Time Series Forecasting for the number of fire fighters' interventions.


Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University

Held lecturer in Computer Science 1
▪ Introduce to Programming and Java
▪ Use conditions and loops
▪ Use classes, objects, methods.
▪ Define and manipulate arrays and Arrays Lists.
Held lecturer in Professional Ethics
▪Describe the importance of ethics and professional conduct in the workplace
▪ Recognize and prevent unethical behavior as well as promote ethical behavior in the workplace.
▪ Describe the code of ethics and professional conduct of various professional organizations such as
▪ Explain how codes of ethics, professional organizations, certification, and licensing affect the ethical
behavior of IT professional
▪ Describe the key trade‑offs and ethical issues associated with the safeguarding of data and
Aug 2016 - Present
Resume objective
Education and Qualifications
Work experience
information systems, software engineering, and software quality.
▪ Develop in students, the notion of accountability in their profession as well as to society at large
Held lab sessions in Computer Science 1
▪ Differentiate and convert between various data types and apply the appropriate ones in programming
▪ Analyze problems, construct and implement solutions using selective, iterative and sequential
▪ Define, implement, and use predefined and user defined functions.
▪ Use arrays and strings and solve problems efficiently using loops.
▪ Use application development environments as professional tools in program development to write,
test and debug programs.
Held lab sessions in Computer Science 2
▪ Introduce Flow Control (variables, loops, conditions)
▪ Use Functions and call by references
▪ Execute I/O stream in sequential and random access files
▪ Populate one and two dimensional arrays
▪ Use classes, data member, member functions and objects
▪ Execute method and operation overloading and inheritance
Held lab sessions in database 1
▪ Execute queries in SQL Developer
▪ Develop Database application using Visual Basic
▪ Insert, delete, update and retrieve operation.
▪ Practice DDL and DML commands
▪ Table manipulations, creating views, procedures and triggers.
▪ deZin Tool Practice.
Held lab sessions in Database 2
▪ Practice simple and searched CASE in SQL
▪ Use ranking in SQL
▪ Create and manipulate sequences, Abstract Data Type, nested tables and Varrays.
▪ Calculate running total and percent to total
▪ Perform Database access
Held Lecturer in Introduction to Computer (IT)
▪ Define concepts and terminology related to information technology
▪ Appraise the role of Information Technology and its applications in a business environment
▪List and contrast various types of information technology concepts such as telecommunications,
Database, Networking and software development
▪ List, evaluate and select information resources and technological solutions based on their
appropriateness to specific tasks
▪ Use a variety of media and formats, including telecommunications, to collaborate, publish, and
interact with peers, experts, and other audience
▪ Use technology tools to process data and report results
Held the cisco courses for students as self‑study (Entrepreneurship, Get Connected, IT essentials, Cyber
Security and Internet of things)
Held lab sessions in Systems Programing
▪ List and apply Unix commands used in systems administration for file, users, and process
▪ Write Shell and Python scripts for file manipulation and task automation.
▪ Write C programs in the in the context of systems programming.
Held lab sessions in Web Programing
▪ Design a web page with the suitable formatting technology e.g., CSS3
▪ Apply event‑driven programming in web application development
▪ Develop and implement a web application using JavaScript framework (for example JQuery)
Held lab sessions in Network Management
▪ Define and explain reference models and various network protocols and technologies.
▪ Explain the fundamental principles of data transmission, including transmission media, signal
encoding and modulation, error detection and correction, multiplexing.
▪ Configure manages, secure, and maintain network infrastructures.
Held lab sessions in Circuit
▪ Work on Ac and DC Circuits (Voltage, energy, power, current)
▪ Apply features of AC and DC circuits
Held lab sessions in Digital and Logic Design Circuit
▪ Design digital systems using logic elements, Boolean algebra
▪ Define digital codes and number systems and applications
Held lab sessions in Programing Languages
▪ Develop, design and run codes using python, prolog, MIT‑GNU, C, C++ and JAVA
Providing Seminars to students related to PYTHON Programming, Raspberry Pi and Arduino.


Data Mining – Internet of Things – Industry 4.0 – Machine Learning