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  • Omar Dawood Mohammed Al-Sily

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    Assistant Professor

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    College of Engineering

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    Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Omar has joined PMU in fall 2021, and he is working as an Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering. He lived in Sweden since 2010, and he has several years of experience in teaching, research, thesis work supervision and engineering work in industry.

In 2002 Dr. Omar received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, with the grade ‘Very Good’, from the University of Mosul in Iraq. He then continued his studies at the same university and obtained a Master of Science in Applied Mechanics and Production in 2005. After that he started his employment as an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Mosul. In 2009 he was promoted to the position of Lecturer at the same department, where he continued to work until October 2010, when he obtained the opportunity to pursue PhD studies in Sweden. In 2015 he received his PhD degree in Operation and Maintenance Engineering from Luleå University of Technology in Sweden. The PhD research work was focused on dynamic modelling and vibration analysis for gear fault detection.

Dr. Omar has a number of publications in peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings. His research interests include vibration analysis, stress analysis, gear design, optimization, condition monitoring, dynamic modelling and simulation. Moreover, Dr. Omar acted as a reviewer for different international journals and conferences.

On the other hand, Dr. Omar has about five years of industrial experience as he hold the position of Gear Development Engineer at GKN driveline in Sweden, and after that, the positions of Gear Design Engineer and Simulation Engineer at China-Euro Vehicle Technology AB (CEVT), which is an innovation vehicle technology centre under Geely group, and located in Gothenburg, Sweden. During his work in CEVT, Dr. Omar supervised different research projects in collaboration with different universities in Sweden.

Dr. Omar aims to contribute to promoting PMU research, developing curriculums and preparing a new generation of engineers those will shape the future of KSA and the region.



  • 2015, PhD in Operation and Maintenance Engineering/ Vibration-based gear fault detection analysis, Luleå University of Technology-Sweden.
  • 2005, MSc in Mechanical Engineering / Applied Mechanics and Production, University of Mosul-Iraq.
  • 2002, BSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Mosul-Iraq


Selected Journal Publications


Selected Conference papers

  • O. D. Mohammed & S. Sassi, Gear Tooth Crack Detection Using Modal Analysis’. The Prognostics and Health Management Conference PHM 2022. London, UK, May, 2022.
  • O. D. Mohammed & M. Rantatalo, ‘Residual signal techniques used for gear fault detection’. Published in the Proceeding of The ICRESH-ARMS Conference, Luleå-Sweden, June, 2015
  • O. D. Mohammed, M. Rantatalo & J-O. Aidanpää, ‘Dynamic Modelling of gear system with gyroscopic effect and crack detection analysis’. Published in the Proceeding of The 9th IFToMM International Conference on Rotor Dynamics, Milano-Italy, September 22-25, 2014.
  • O. D. Mohammed, M. Rantatalo, ‘Gear tooth crack detection using dynamic response analysis’. Published in the proceeding of The Tenth International Conference on Condition Monitoring and Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies BINDT. Kraków-Poland, June 18-20, 2013
  • O. D. Mohammed, M. Rantatalo, ‘Performance of time domain indicators for gear tooth root crack detection and their noisesensitivity’. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-Stationary Operations CMMNO, Ferrara-Italy, May 8-10, 2013.
  • O. D. Mohammed, M. Rantatalo, & U. Kumar, ‘Analytical crack propagation scenario for gear teeth and time-varying gear mesh stiffness’. International Conference on Applied Mechanics, Paris-France, Aug 22-23, 2012.


Academic Experience

  • He hold the position of Assistant Lecturer in 2005, and then promoted to a Lecturer position in 2009.
  • He taught different subjects including Mechanical Vibration, Design of Machine Elements, Theory of Machines, Engineering Mechanics and Applied Mechanics Laboratories.
  • He supervised two undergraduate students in their BSc graduation research project and also five MSc students from different Universities in Sweden.
  • He published ten Journal articles in peer reviewed journals.
  • He published six articles in conference proceedings.
  • He acted as a reviewer of seven different international journals.

Non-academic Experience

He has about five years industrial experience. He worked as a Gear Development Engineer at GKN driveline-Sweden, and then as a Gear Design Specialist and also as a Simulation Engineer at China-Euro Vehicle Technology CEVT, which is an automotive engineering innovation center under GEELY group for cars and it is located in Gothenburg-Sweden.


Mechanical Vibration, Design of machine elements, Theory of machines, Statics, Dynamics, Control Engineering

Vibration analysis, Dynamic modelling, Gear design, Fault detection, Condition monitoring