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  • Dr. Maher Abou Hamad

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    Assistant Professor

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    College of Business Administration

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    Business Administration

Dr. Abou Hamad is a Lebanese national, working as an assistant professor in the department of Business Administration at PMU, KSA.

He received his Doctorate Degree from Grenoble School of management, France in 2017

Dr. Maher has more than 17 years teaching experience along with curriculum design at graduate and undergraduate level. He is an expert in creating new businesses from the legal and other perspectives, with around 12 years of solid experience. He has developed a high level of theoretical and practical managerial skills throughout his long university teaching career in multiple tracks such as management, HR, entrepreneurship, and Business law.



Dr. Abou Hamad received his Doctorate Degree from Grenoble School of management, France in 2017.

His master of Business Administration from the Lebanese American University, Lebanon 2006.

His DEA from Sagesse University, Lebanon 2000.

His Diploma in Law also from Sagesse University, Lebanon 1996.



Factors attracting Foreign Direct investments to Lebanon, comparative study between products and services. 2017.Thesis. 

2022- Present: Prince Mohammad University (PMU) KSA: Assistant professor Coordinating and teaching courses in Strategic Management, management and Business law to undergraduates’ students.

2020-2021: Arab Open University KSA. Assistant professor Coordinating and teaching courses in entrepreneurship to undergraduates’ students.

2008-2020: Arab Open University Lebanon. Teaching several managerial courses to graduates and undergraduates.

2015-2020: Coordinator of the entrepreneurship center at AOU Lebanon; motivating students to creating their own businesses and organizing relations with incubators and potential investors along with providing training for our students on creating ideas, Business planning, pitching investors, feasibility studies, legal forms of businesses, Presenting to investors. Recruiting and preparing students to participate in entrepreneurship competitions both local and regional 

2015-2020: Continuous Education Center Coordinator at AOU Lebanon; assigned with the task of design and coordination of multiple training workshops with the aim of providing graduates with the necessary skills needed in the labor market thus increasing their employability: Taxation-SPSS-Social Media-NSSF-Interviewing Skills-Online Financial Trading-Negotiation Skills-Project Management-Starting your Own Business-Preparing Business Plans- Preparing a Canvas Model.

2017-2019: Branch manager for the newest AOU – Zahle branch in Lebanon for 2 years dealing with employees in all HR activities such as planning, motivating and developing their skills along with setting their objectives and assessing their performance and providing them with constructive feedback

2006-2010: Conservatoire National Des Arts et Métiers-CNAM / French government and the Lebanese University: Instructor and course coordinator.

2009-2010: Hariri Canadian University: Instructor and course coordinator.

2006-2010: Lebanese International university: Instructor and course coordinator.


Entrepreneurship-Small Business management – innovation - Marketing -Management -Introduction to Business-Human Resources Management -Taxation-Financial Accounting- Intermediate economics- -Business Law-Labor Law-Strategic Compensation- MBA remedial Courses-MBA Management Courses- Economy-Strategic Management -Operation Management-Total Quality Management-Marketing Principals-Human Resources Management-Sales Management- Marketing Research-Principles of Accounting 1 & 2 – Financial Management.


His research Interests includes laws and regulations related to launching new businesses and finding processes to update and link those regulations to business theories and philosophy.

Also, of interest is improving the quality of business education through finding the newest techniques that enhances student’s engagement and comprehension of specific material.



Member Of the Lebanese syndicate of Lawyers.