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  • Hend Taresh AL yahya

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    Assistant Professor

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    Preparatory Program

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    Preparatory Program

Hind Tarsh Al Yahya is an Assistant Professor of Arabic Language and Islamic. She is Saudi national and is fluent in Arabic and English

. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Arabic Language from King Khalid University in 2007, a Master's degree in Rhetoric, Criticism, and Literature from Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University in 2018, and a Ph.D. in Arabic Language specializing in Rhetoric, Criticism, and Islamic Literature from Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University in 2023. She also has a diploma in Media and Public Relations and has received training in technology, computer science, modern teaching methods, and scientific research techniques.


She has published and peer-reviewed studies, including "The Semiotics of the Mask in the Novel 'Wajh Al-Na'iem' by Abdullah Thabet" in the Journal of the Arab University Union for Literature. Another published study is titled "The Suggestiveness of Whiteness and the Connotation of Meaning in the Diwan of Matr by Fatima Al-Qarni." She has also presented a peer-reviewed research paper titled "Digital Literature in Smart Applications Space" at the Digital Poetry Symposium at Makkah Literary Club. Additionally, she has a published scientific article in Al Arabiya journal titled "Technological Progress: The Other Face - A Cultural Epistemological Reading".


She has authored printed books that focus on modern interdisciplinary studies, including "Building Paradox in the Literary Text in Hamed Dimnahuri's Works - An Analytical Study" published by Malaamih Publishing and Distribution House, and "Digital Literature in Saudi Criticism - A Study in Critiquing Criticism" published by Takween Publishing and Distribution House.


Her teaching philosophy focuses on building a friendly and cooperative relationship between the instructor and students based on mutual respect to create a suitable academic and psychological environment. She emphasizes the use of modern technologies in the teaching process and raising awareness of the importance of teamwork to equip learners with communication and learning skills that enhance the quality of education and its outcomes. She also places importance on serious scientific research that yields valuable scientific contributions and enhances intellectual and human skills for learners.


In terms of professional experience, she has taught at the university and secondary education levels for three years. 

Islamic Stdies 

Arabic language 

Linguistic Comm. Skills

The Social System in Islam

Intro. to Islamic Culture


She is passionate about the outcomes of higher education and academic development, and actively utilizes the best and most effective modern teaching methods and research techniques. Her work focuses on scientific research related to interdisciplinary studies in the fields of Arabic language, Islamic studies, and digital technology.