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  • Hala Almahmoud

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    Assistant Professor

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    College of Business Administration

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    Business Administration

    Human Resource Management

I joined Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in Saudi Arabia as an Assistant Professor at the College of Business Administration. Both my MSc and a PhD are in Management from the University of Essex in the UK. My work experience have incorporated jobs in in both business organisations as well as academia.

My teaching spans various areas of organisational management, such as: human resources, managing work conflicts, business ethics, reward systems, organisational behaviour and research methodology. In the UK, I have worked.

Research wise, my main research interests are: human resource practices, material management, work ethics, organisational behaviour, contemporary marketing, diversity in the workplace, culture and organizations, and work mobility. In addition, I have participated in multidisciplinary international conferences and seminars.

  • Dr Hala Almahmoud (PhD, MSc, BA). "Post-Retirement Experiences in the UK"
  • with Adams, Jackson (2016) " Managing the Virtual Organisation". International Conference on Business and Cyber Security, May 12 & 13, 2016 in London, UK.
  • "Ageing at work: a socially-constructed phenomenon". 10th Annual London Business Research Conference, 10-11 August 2015. Imperial College London, UK.
  • “Retiring in Exile: the Case of Syrian Females working in the UK”. Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference (SPARC) 26 – 28 May 2015 at Media City, UK.
  • “Ageing at work: a socially-constructed phenomenon”. Essex Business School Research Conference - 11th May 2015 at the University of Essex, UK.
  • “An Organisational Perspective of Retirement”. International Conference on Innovative Trends in Multidisciplinary Academic Research, October 20-21, 2014. ITMAR © 2014 Istanbul, Turkey.
  • “Later Life Migration: A Spatial Temporal Perspective”. The 9th Liverpool Ethnography Symposium to be held at UCS in August 2014. Available at: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/management/conferences-and-events/ethnography_archive/ethnography,2014/
  • “Retirement as a Multidimensional Transition”. Essex Business School Research Conference - 12th May 2014 at the University of Essex, UK.
  • “Identity and Belonging in Later Life”. Norwich Business School PhD Colloquium, 24th - 25th October 2013, UK.

  • Managing diversity in contemporary organisations.
  • Culture and migration in the workplace.
  • Implications of work mobility.
  • Managing knowledge & information in organisational settings.