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  • Fraj Alshmri, Ph.D.

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    Assistance professor

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    College of Engineering

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    Mechanical Engineering

Dr Fraj D Alshmri is an Assistance Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the college of Engineering. He has obtained his Ph.D. degree in mechanics of materials from the University of Leicester. United Kingdom.2010. He has his MSc in materials and manufacturing engineering from the American University in Cairo (1998) and his BSc in mechanical engineering (1989).
He has more than ten years of teaching experience. Also, he has supervised many senior graduation projects. He has more than twenty five years of experience in the field of automotive engineering.
He has published many researches in various scientific magazines beside specialized conferences in the field of materials and manufacturing processes. He is serving as international scientific committee in many international journals.
He is involved in European research groups (RSP Netherlands and Bodycote UK).

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Dr F Ashmri research interests include new materials, materials performance under certain mechanical conditions and materials microstructural changes due to high temperature i.e. Rapid Solidifications

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