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  • Carmen Winkel, PhD.

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    College of Sciences and Human Studies

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    Core Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Winkel earned her Ph.D. from the University of Potsdam (Germany), researching 18th Brandenburg-Prussia. University positions in Germany and China, preceded her current post at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in Saudi Arabia. She is teaching World Civilization, Writing and Research, Critical Thinking, Assessment, Professional Development, Written Communication and Oral Communication.  

Dr. Winkel has a wide range of research topics and more than 70 different research publications. She conducted studies on historical topics from the 17th to the 21st century in Europe and the Middle East. Currently, she is conducting research in the field of Digital Humanities and Big Data in Humanities.
In 2017, Dr. Winkel received the "Förderpreise für Militärgeschichte und Militärtecnikgeschichte", a prestigious award granted by the German Ministry of Defense and the Department of Military Technology and Procurement for outstanding academic publications.

2017 Goethe Institut Munich, Certificate for Teaching German to Speakers of other Languages

2015 Trinity College London, TESOL Teaching English for Speakers of other Languages

2012 Ph.D. in History, University of Potsdam (summa cum laude)

2005 M.A. in History, University of Potsdam (summa cum laude)


2007-2011 German Research Foundation (DFG) full doctoral scholarship

2010 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) travel scholarship for international conference in Japan

2012 Swiss National Science Foundation (SNS) full conference grant for “Secret Networks in the Military”, Bern (Switzerland) 


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Journal Articles

Winkel, C. (2021). German Princes in the Prussian Army: Political Patronage and Family Networks. German History (in press)

Winkel, C., Strachan, L., Aamir, S. (2021). From east to west and back again: The effects of reverse culture shock on female Saudi Arabian students studying abroad. Journal for Multicultural Education (in press)

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Book Chapters

Winkel, C. (2020). Eighteenth-century military and princely rule. Brandenburg-Prussia as a paragon? In M. Meumann & A. Puehringer (Eds.), The Military in the Early Modern World: A Comparative Approach (pp. 67-89). Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

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Landesgeschichtliche Vereinigung Brandenburg und Berlin (National Historical Association)

Militär und Gesellschaft in der Frühen Neuzeit e.V. (Historical Association of Military and Society in Early Modern Times)

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Advancement Award for Military History and Military Technology (October 2017)

German Ministry of Defense and Department of Military Technology and Procurement for outstanding academic publications

2005-2006 Wamata Aids Prevention Center (Tanzania)

2006-2007 Military History Research Center of the Armed Forces (Germany)

2007-2013 University of Potsdam (Germany)

2011-2013 University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Germany)

2013-2014 Lanna Business Services (Thailand)

2015-2016 Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University (China)

2016-today Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (Saudi Arabia)


Introduction to European Military History (Graduate Students, University of Potsdam)


Social History and Military History in Europe (Undergraduate Students, University of Potsdam, Germany)


Introduction to World History (Undergraduate Students, University of Applied Science, Potsdam, Germany)


Academic Writing and Research (Undergraduate Students, University of Applied Science, Potsdam, Germany)


History of Tourism

World History

Tourism and Law

International Law

Introduction to Sociology and Politics

Introduction to International Relations

(Undergraduate Students, Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University, Nanchang, China)


World History

Written Communication

Oral Communication

Critical Thinking

Professional Development

Assessment II

Writing and Research

(Undergraduate Students, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

Research Methodology 

(Graduate Students, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)


Gender History, Early Modern Europe History, Cultural History, Digital Humanities, Methodologies, Thematic Analysis, Narrative Inquiriy, Oral History