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  • Mr. Christopher Douglas Barenz

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    College of Sciences and Human Studies

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    Mathematics & Natural Sciences

Christopher Barenz is an experienced Applied Mathematics Lecturer from the United States. He is making significant contributions to the preparation of an excellent generation of math, science, and business students at PMU, KSA. In turn, these students will help shape the future for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world.

Mr. Barenz has earned the following degrees and certificates:

  •   Master of Science in Mathematics/Western Illinois University (2010 United States);
  •   Study Abroad/East China Normal University (2013 China);
  •    Bachelor of Business in Finance/Western Illinois University (2014 United States);
  •    Master of Arts in Economics/Western Illinois University (2017 United States);
  •    Applied Mathematics Certificate (2010 United States);
  •    Business Analytics Certificate (2017 United States).


Furthermore, Mr. Barenz has extensive professional experience teaching at numerous universities in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.

His current research interests are in applied mathematics and business subjects including optimization, predictive modeling, financial analysis, algorithm development, and training neural networks. Some examples of his recent work include the creation of an algorithm in MATLAB that analyzed thousands of satellite images to create a prediction mask for cloud types based on fractal dimension, modeling air quality with advanced regression techniques in Jakarta, Indonesia, and modeling of logistic growth COVID-19 spread with time-varying carrying capacity. When teaching, his approach is to create a competitive environment, use the Socratic Method, and encourage teamwork. Some of his professional goals include increasing mathematics education, improving technological innovation, and identifying areas to increase cooperation on trade and international investment.