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  • Beverley McNally Ph.d

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    Assistant Professor

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    College of Business Administration

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    Human Resource Management

Dr Beverley McNally PhD. is an experienced educator working in both the contact and distance tertiary environments. She has worked for over 20 years in the tertiary education sector in New Zealand including Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University. Prior to entering the education profession she spent a number of years in HR and management roles in the insurance and finance and NGO sectors. Dr McNally has also held board and governance roles in the NGO sector as well and mentoring roles for young women in business.


  • PhD Management (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • MBA (Henley Management College, UK)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Canterbury University. New Zealand)
  • Diploma in Interior Design



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Dr McNally’s research interests are in the area of leadership, specifically CEO leadership and human resource management. She has also been published in the field of e-enhanced learning .



Australia, New Zealand Academy of Management