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  • Bruce Q. Budd, Ph.D.

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    Associate Professor

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    College of Business Administration

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    Accounting & Finance

Dr. Bruce Budd joined PMU in 2018 as an Associate Professor of Finance and Economics. He holds dual Australian and British nationality. He attained his doctorate from Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia in 1999. He holds further degrees from Birkbeck College and the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, London, U.K., University of London and the University of Birmingham, U.K. He has vast professional working and teaching experience in the private and public sectors as a businessman as well as an academic in several countries including U.K., Australia and the Middle East. His professional experience covers the construction, beverage and retail industries. His primary teaching experience is business economics. He has taught at undergraduate and graduate levels as well as many executive courses for business training and accreditation. He has continuously participated in professional development, the latest being with Harvard Business School, Harvard University, Boston, USA. His research interests are in financial economics, studying: Fat Tails, Volatility Clustering and Leverage Effects of Stock Markets and specialising in the Money and Capital Markets. He has published many refereed articles in journals and international conference papers.

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD.), Economics, Murdoch University, Western Australia. Coursework: Advanced Statistics, Philosophy of Social Science, Research Methods, Finance, Economics, Accounting.
Thesis: (An Empirical Investigation of the Labour Market and the Impacts of Wage discrimination in the Australian Economy). (1999).
Master of Science, (MSc)., Economics (including Quantitative Techniques and Econometrics). Birkbeck College and London School of Economics and Political Sciences, University of London.
Post-Graduate Certificate, Economics (including Mathematics and Statistics), University of London.
Bachelor of Arts, (B.A.), Birkbeck College, University of London. Bachelor of Education, (B.Ed.), Education & Economics, University of Birmingham.


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Empirical analysis in non-linear general autoregressive models in the areas of equity, fixed interest rate securities and foreign exchange markets.

  • Fat Tails, Volatility Clustering and Leverage Effects of Stock Markets.
  • Analysis of the VIX and MOVE indices.

  • American Economic Association,
  • Australian Institute of Banking and Finance,
  • European Financial Management Association,
  • Middle East Economic Association.