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  • Abdulaziz Almathami

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    Adjunct professor

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    College of Engineering

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    Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Abdulaziz Almathami is a research engineer holding PhD from McGill University (nanostructured material). He is the manager and group leader of corrosion and scale at Baker Hughes a GE Company (BHGE), Dhahran Global Technology Center. He has enriching experience of around 23 years with reputed organizations. Dr. Abdulaziz worked with Saudi Aramco as a process engineer for Rabigh Refinery and Aramco R&DC as corrosion and material researcher. During his career with Aramco, he accomplished many projects in process and corrosion which results in significant cost saving and reduction which reached in one of the project to more than 17 MM. His achievements with Aramco were awarded several times. He worked for two years as educational and research deputy of Jubail University Collage. He worked for Qatar Petroleum before he joined BHGE. He established the corrosion & material competency at BHGE, Dhahran Global Technology Center. He has several patents and publications and now he is committee member for Baker Hughes Enterprise Technology Patent Evaluation Board

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  • Keynote Speaker for 1st International Conference for High Temperature Plant Life Assessment/ Extension, Fitness-for-Service, RBM and Materials Issues, Al-Jubail , Saudi Arabia, April,  2017
  • Keynote Speaker for 5th 2016 Corrosion Management conference, “Consideration and Assessment of Corrosion Management Components is Important Approach for Longer Life of Oil and Gas Assets” Saudi Arabia, 28-29 November 2016
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  • Artificial intelligence for corrosion management
  • Nanostructured and advanced material

  • SPE
  • NACE