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  • Afnan Aljarbou

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    College of Engineering

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    Interior Design

Architect and Interior designer. Afnan Aljarbou holds a Master’s of Architecture from Woodbury University in Burbank, California USA; and Bachelor of science in Interior Design from Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad University. Aljarbou’s thesis title was: “The Fade of Separation”. Talks about the gender segregation in Saudi Arabia. She phrases her thesis: “Segregation takes many forms in our built environment. In Saudi Arabia gender segregation has explicit and distinct spatial manifestations that can be recognized in every building type. Architecture is designed to support divisions, reinforcing gender separation as well as the marginalization of women. This project proposes an architecture that seemingly follows cultural expectations while actually subverting divisions with the intention of influencing social change. The primary spatial tactic of segregation focuses on avoiding visual connection, therefore this project incorporates subtle forms of visual separation while heightening connections through other senses such as sound, and smell. Spaces of invisible integration are proposed as a strategy for quietly empowering the female experience and challenging social norms.” Her research and teaching focus on how to make . Aljarbou worked as TA while she is doing her Master’s degree at Woodbury University. She is currently a Lecturer in Prince Mohamed Bin Fahad University.

  • BS in Interior Design
  • MArch Master of Architecture