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  • Mohammad Bashayreh, Ph.D.

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    associate professor of commercial law

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    College of Law

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    Department of Law

Dr. Mohammad Bashayreh holds a D.Phil degree in law from the University of Oxford, awarded in 2003. He has taught and practiced law for more than fifteen years.

  • Non-Codified Shariah as a State Law Governing Islamic Banking and Finance in Jordan, Arab Law Quarterly 33 (2019) 1 – 26.
  • Shielding the Cultural Identity and the Family: Towards an Arab-Islamic Definition of the Universality of Human Rights, Journal of the Kuwait International Law College, issue 3 (supplement), 2018, pp. 507-546.
  • The Scope of the Legality of Arbitration Agreements in Disputes Arising from Consumer Contracts in Jordanian Law, accepted for publication in the Jordanian Journal of Law and Political Sciences (2018).
  • Sukuk (Islamic Finance( : towards a legal characterisation of the relations arising from them (Arabic), due to be published in the Jordanian Journal of Law and Political Sciences (accepted in 2017).
  • Points of Reference for Designing and Delivering Academic Programmes in Law, (editor and co-author), Tuning Academy, Duesto University, Bilbao, Spain (2017).
  • Legal aspects of the ‘floating charge’ under the Jordanian law number 1/2012 (Arabic), due to be published in Dirasat (Law and Sharia) University of Jordan (accepted in 2016).
  • The Arbitration Mechanism of the Centre of Commercial Arbitration of the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council; a book published in Arabic and English in 2015.
  • 'The treatment of unregistered commercial joint venture in Jordanian law' Arab Law Quarterly in volume 23 (2009).
  • 'Arbitrating individual labour disputes in Jordan: Has the policy of promoting arbitration been misplaced?' Arab Law Quarterly in volume 23 (2009).
  • 'Lex mercatoria and arbitration agreements: Perspectives from Greek and Jordanian Law' published in the Revue Hellenique De Droit International v.61.3 (2008).
  • 'The position of Jordanian law as to foreign jurisdictional clauses: a critical study in comparison to the Hague Convention 2005', principal co-author, Abhath Al-Yarmouk Journal, Yarmouk University, v. 27.3 (2008). (Arabic)
  • ‘The delocalized arbitration award: its concept and enforcement’ published in Kuwait Law Journal (in Arabic) 2007 (31)3. (Arabic)
  • The concept and scope of application of the de facto company: a comparative study', co-author, published in the Algerian Journal of Political, Legal, and Economic Studies, University of Algeria (in Arabic) (2007). (Arabic)
  • 'Contemporary legal issues relating to the formation of contract by online orders' co-author, published in the Journal of Law and Shari’ah, University of the United Arab Emirates (2006).

Commercial law and arbitration; Islamic finance.

Jordan Bar Association.